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Category:GO:0140504 ! microlipophagy

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DAG for GO:0140504id: GO:0140504

name: microlipophagy
namespace: biological_process
def: "Microautophagy-mediated direct internalization of lipid droplets into a lysosome-like vacuole during nutrient depletion, such as during the transition to stationary phase or in response to nutrient limitation. Microlipophagy is mediated by the formation of sterol-enriched vacuolar microdomains at sites of engulfment. Initiation of microautophagy is defined as the point where liquid-ordered microdomains are formed at sites of engulfment, that requires S. cerevisiae Atg32p and Atg21p, as well as Niemann-Pick type C (NPC) sterol transporter proteins, Ncr1p and Npc2p. This is followed by redistribution of Atg14p from ER exit sites onto liquid-ordered vacuole membrane domains through interaction with stabilized AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), and together with Atg6p facilities docking and internalization of lipid droplets (LDs) at sites of invagination." [PMID:25070953, PMID:28394250, PMID:28838958, PMID:29293450, PMID:29601311]
synonym: "lipid droplet autophagy" EXACT [PMID:29293450]
is_a: GO:0016237 ! lysosomal microautophagy

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