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Category:GO:0098772 ! molecular function regulator activity

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DAG for GO:0098772id: GO:0098772

name: molecular function regulator activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "A molecular function regulator regulates the activity of its target via non-covalent binding that does not result in covalent modification to the target. Examples of molecular function regulators include regulatory subunits of multimeric enzymes and channels. Mechanisms of regulation include allosteric changes in the target and competitive inhibition." [GOC:dos, GOC:pt]
subset: gocheck_do_not_annotate
subset: goslim_flybase_ribbon
subset: goslim_generic
subset: prokaryote_subset
synonym: "molecular function regulator" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0003674 ! molecular_function
relationship: has_part: GO:0005515 ! protein binding
relationship: regulates: GO:0003674 ! molecular_function
intersection_of: GO:0003674 ! molecular_function
intersection_of: regulates GO:0003674 ! molecular_function

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