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Category:GO:0090660 ! cerebrospinal fluid circulation

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DAG for GO:0090660id: GO:0090660

name: cerebrospinal fluid circulation
namespace: biological_process
def: "The neurological system process driven by motile cilia on ependymal cells of the brain by which cerebrospinal fluid circulates from the sites of secretion to the sites of absorption. In ventricular cavities, the flow is unidirectional and rostrocaudal, in subarachnoid spaces, the flow is multi-directional." [GOC:mgi_curators, PMID:22100360, PMID:24229449]
synonym: "cerebrospinal fluid flow" EXACT []
synonym: "CSF circulation" EXACT []
synonym: "CSF flow" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0003351 ! epithelial cilium movement involved in extracellular fluid movement
is_a: GO:0050877 ! nervous system process

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