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Category:GO:0039698 ! polyadenylation of viral mRNA by polymerase stuttering

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DAG for GO:0039698id: GO:0039698

name: polyadenylation of viral mRNA by polymerase stuttering
namespace: biological_process
def: "Polyadenylation of viral mRNA through a polymerase stuttering mechanism. The stop signal present at the end of each gene comprises a stretch of uridine on which the viral polymerase acquires a stuttering behavior: after each adenine inserted, the polymerase moves back one nucleotide along with the mRNA. It resumes transcription adding a new adenine, then again moves back, thereby producing a polyA tail." [VZ:1916]
synonym: "polyA stuttering" EXACT [VZ:1916]
xref: .html VZ:1916 "Negative-stranded RNA virus Polymerase stuttering"
is_a: GO:0043631 ! RNA polyadenylation


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