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Category:GO:0035207 ! negative regulation of hemocyte proliferation

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DAG for GO:0035207id: GO:0035207

name: negative regulation of hemocyte proliferation
namespace: biological_process
def: "Any process that stops, prevents or reduces the rate or extent of hemocyte proliferation. Hemocytes are blood cells associated with a hemocoel (the cavity containing most of the major organs of the arthropod body) which are involved in defense and clotting of hemolymph, but not involved in transport of oxygen. An example of this is found in Drosophila melanogaster." [GOC:bf, GOC:mtg_sensu]
synonym: "down regulation of hemocyte proliferation" EXACT []
synonym: "down-regulation of hemocyte proliferation" EXACT []
synonym: "downregulation of hemocyte proliferation" EXACT []
synonym: "inhibition of hemocyte proliferation" NARROW []
synonym: "negative regulation of arthropod blood cell proliferation" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0002683 ! negative regulation of immune system process
is_a: GO:0008285 ! negative regulation of cell population proliferation
is_a: GO:0035206 ! regulation of hemocyte proliferation
relationship: negatively_regulates: GO:0035172 ! hemocyte proliferation
intersection_of: GO:0065007 ! biological regulation
intersection_of: negatively_regulates GO:0035172 ! hemocyte proliferation

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