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Category:GO:0031381 ! viral RNA-directed RNA polymerase complex

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DAG for GO:0031381id: GO:0031381

name: viral RNA-directed RNA polymerase complex
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A virus-specific protein complex that possesses RNA-dependent RNA polymerase activity and replicates the genome of an RNA virus." [GOC:mah, PMID:15574411, PMID:15613301]
is_a: GO:0031379 ! RNA-directed RNA polymerase complex

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Usage Notes

This is a CELLULAR COMPONENT (aka complex) term, so use this term for proteins that are demonstrated to be part of the viral RNA polymerase.

  • The RNA genome of the virus could be single-stranded like the bacteriophage MS2, or viruses including SARS, rubella and hanta virus.
  • The RNA genome of the virus could be double-stranded like bacteriophage phi6 or viruses like Rotaviruses.
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