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DAG for GO:0019861
60px-Warning Icon Red.png This GO term has been obsoleted.
Do not annotate to it.

id: GO:0019861
name: obsolete flagellum
namespace: cellular_component
alt_id: GO:0008223
def: "OBSOLETE. Long whiplike or feathery structures borne either singly or in groups by the motile cells of many bacteria and unicellular eukaryotes and by the motile male gametes of many eukaryotic organisms, which propel the cell through a liquid medium." [UniProtKB-KW:KW-0282]
comment: This term was made obsolete because it was an unnecessary grouping term. Eukaryotic flagella were deemed to be equivalent to cilia and merged, so the only remaining child to this term was 'bacterial-type flagellum ; GO:0009288'.
subset: goslim_pir
subset: gosubset_prok
synonym: "flagellum" EXACT []
xref: Wikipedia:Flagellum
is_obsolete: true
consider: GO:0005929 ! cilium
consider: GO:0009288 ! bacterial-type flagellum


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