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Category:GO:0002077 ! acrosome matrix dispersal

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DAG for GO:0002077id: GO:0002077

name: acrosome matrix dispersal
namespace: biological_process
def: "The proteolytic digestion of components in the acrosomal matrix that occurs as part of the acrosome reaction. The process can occur either in the cumulus oophorous facilitating the penetration of it by the sperm, or at the zona pellucida allowing the sperm to reach the plasma membrane of the egg where the inner acrosomal membrane of the sperm can interact with the egg plasma membrane." [GOC:dph, PMID:3886029]
is_a: GO:0022414 ! reproductive process
is_a: GO:0051603 ! proteolysis involved in protein catabolic process
relationship: part_of: GO:0007340 ! acrosome reaction

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