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Category:GO:0000124 ! SAGA complex

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DAG for GO:0000124id: GO:0000124

name: SAGA complex
namespace: cellular_component
alt_id: GO:0000125
alt_id: GO:0030914
def: "A SAGA-type histone acetyltransferase complex that deubiquitinates H2A and/or H2B. This complex is organized into several functional submodules: a structural core including the activator binding module and consisting of ADA1 or a homolog, members of the SPT and TAF protein families as well as promotor recruitment factor TRRAP/TRA1, a histone acetyltransferase (HAT) module consisting of GCN5/KAT2A or PCAF/KAT2B, ADA2, ADA3/NGG1, and SGF29 or homologues thereof, a histone deubiquitinase (DUB) module consisting of ATXN7/SGF73, ATXN7L3/SGF11, ENY2/SUS1 and USP22/UBP8 or homologues thereof, and in some taxa a splicing module consisting of SF3B3 and SF3B5 or homologues thereof (not in fungi). In budding yeast also contains Spt8 which distinguishes it from SAGA-like (SLIK) complex (GO:0046695)." [PMID:10637607, PMID:17337012, PMID:19056896, PMID:20838651, PMID:33004486]
synonym: "PCAF complex" NARROW []
synonym: "PCAF histone acetylase-associated complex" NARROW []
synonym: "Spt-Ada-Gcn5-acetyltransferase complex" EXACT []
synonym: "SPT3-TAF9-GCN5 acetylase complex" RELATED [GOC:rl, PMID:18838386]
synonym: "SPT3-TAF9-PCAF acetylase complex" NARROW [PMID:18838386]
synonym: "STAGA coactivator complex" RELATED []
synonym: "STAGA complex" RELATED [PMID:32616828, PMID:33004486, PMID:34112237]
is_a: GO:0070461 ! SAGA-type complex
is_a: GO:1905368 ! peptidase complex
relationship: has_part: GO:0071819 ! DUBm complex

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