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Category:GO:0000075 ! cell cycle checkpoint signaling

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DAG for GO:0000075id: GO:0000075

name: cell cycle checkpoint signaling
namespace: biological_process
alt_id: GO:0031576
alt_id: GO:0071779
alt_id: GO:0072395
alt_id: GO:0072404
alt_id: GO:0072407
def: "A signaling process that controls cell cycle progression by monitoring the integrity of specific cell cycle events. A cell cycle checkpoint begins with detection of deficiencies or defects and ends with signal transduction." [GOC:mtg_cell_cycle]
comment: This term should not be used in direct manual annotation as it should always be possible to minimally designate mitotic or meiotic checkpoint, and usually to additionally specify the checkpoint (i.e mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint, mitotic DNA damage checkpoint etc). Note also that the effector processes are not part of the checkpoint but are positively regulated by the checkpoint signaling and should not be annotated here.
subset: gocheck_do_not_annotate
synonym: "cell cycle checkpoint" EXACT []
synonym: "G1/S checkpoint" NARROW []
synonym: "G1/S transition checkpoint" NARROW []
synonym: "G2/M checkpoint" NARROW []
synonym: "G2/M transition checkpoint" NARROW []
synonym: "signal transduction involved in cell cycle checkpoint" EXACT []
synonym: "signal transduction involved in G2/M transition checkpoint" EXACT []
xref: Wikipedia:Cell_cycle_checkpoint
is_a: GO:0035556 ! intracellular signal transduction
is_a: GO:1901988 ! negative regulation of cell cycle phase transition
intersection_of: GO:0035556 ! intracellular signal transduction
intersection_of: negatively_regulates GO:0044770 ! cell cycle phase transition

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