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Category:Complement comparison

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This page has been set up to review the annotation of complement factor genes, by Reecha Sofat and Ruth Lovering

Aspect ID Term HUMAN








Biological ProcessGO:0006956complement activation TAS TAS ISO
Biological ProcessGO:0006957complement activation, alternative pathway NAS  TAS IMP  TAS
Biological ProcessGO:0008283cell proliferation TAS
Biological ProcessGO:0009617response to bacterium IDA
Biological ProcessGO:0030449regulation of complement activation TAS TAS
Biological ProcessGO:0045087innate immune response TAS TAS
Cellular ComponentGO:0005576extracellular region TAS TAS
Cellular ComponentGO:0005886plasma membrane EXP  TAS
Cellular ComponentGO:0070062extracellular exosome IDA IDA
Cellular ComponentGO:0072562blood microparticle IDA IDA
Molecular FunctionGO:0001848complement binding TAS
Molecular FunctionGO:0003812alternative-complement-pathway C3/C5 conver... EXP
Molecular FunctionGO:0004252serine-type endopeptidase activity TAS
Molecular FunctionGO:0005515protein binding IPI
Molecular FunctionGO:0008201heparin binding IDA
Molecular FunctionGO:0043395heparan sulfate proteoglycan binding IDA
Cellular ComponentGO:0005615extracellular space TAS IDA ISO

Cellular Component graph

RefGenome graph at MGI.

Biological Process graph

RefGenome graph at MGI.

Molecular Function graph

RefGenome graph at MGI.

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