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UW CACAO competition

  • Here's a list of the evidence codes that CACAO students may use:
  1. IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay
  2. IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype
  3. IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction - requires with/from field to be filled in
  4. IEP: Inferred from Expression Pattern
  5. ISO: Inferred from Sequence Orthology - requires with/from field to be filled in
  6. ISA: Inferred from Sequence Alignment - requires with/from field to be filled in
  7. ISM: Inferred from Sequence Model - requires with/from field to be filled in
  8. IGC: Inferred from Genomic Context

The Setup

  • we will be running 1 round -
    • Annotation period - Monday Nov 28th until 11:59pm on Tues Dec 6th.
    • Challenge period - 12:01am Weds Dec 7th until 11:59pm Tues Dec 14th.
  • CACAO rules

Training Powerpoint Presentations

Quick Guide (see rules document for all rules)

  • Rules for the competition can be accessed here:
Rules for CACAO Fall 2011
  • important rules to follow (see document above!!!):
  1. annotations must be complete and accurate to get points (at a minimum - GO term, evidence term, reference & brief description of evidence; possibly with/from field and/or qualifier)
  2. only 8 evidence codes are permitted, 4 of which require the with/from field to be filled in correctly (see section below)
  3. no annotations to binding terms will be accepted -- these require the IPI evidence code, which is NOT allowed in CACAO
  4. qualifiers must be used correctly - see using qualifiers
  5. no high throughput papers - email Brenley if you're still not sure after you've checked the rules document (see link to doc above)
  6. your reference must be to a peer-reviewed scientific paper. No reviews, no class notes, no hypothetical modeling papers, etc.
  7. your evidence for the Notes section must be to a figure with the experimental or computational evidence in it, not a model or summary figure.
  8. any team member can refine/challenge any annotation from another team & do so more than once. The more complex the refinements, the more points at stake!


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