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CACAO Phage Hunters 2018

My Annotations

StatusPageDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
acceptableBPT7:DPOL2018-03-04 22:16:06 CSTGO:0090592 DNA synthesis involved in DNA replication (P)PMID:21606333ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 2 compared the activities of both gp5/trx and its mutated form Gp5-Fbpneu/trx in the presence of gp4 by looking at how much nucleotide (dTMP) had been incorporated in a sample of dsDNA . According to the paper and from the results, Gp5-Fbpneu/trx did not mediate the synthesis in the presence of gp4 over a large range of concentrations of gp5/trx and gp4. This means that a mutated gp5 would result in disrupted DNA synthesis in the presence of gp4 as compared to a normal version of gp5, showing its critical function for DNA replication.



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