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Talk:RefGenome Electronic Jamboree 2008-10 NEDD4

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  • Julie-SGD
    • Is "ubiquitin-mediated endocytosis" a different enough process to warrant a new term?
    • agreed by UK curation groups (GOA, BHF-UCL, FlyBase)
  • when to annotate to developmental processes? when mutations in NEDD4 lead to devl problems due to receptor internalization or other ubiquitin-related regulated processes? Question regarding secondary effects of mutations and how far downstream to annotate, consistency?
  • annotating to protein binding, when the function is to ubiquitinate the protein - this is really being used to capturing the target of ubiquitination...any protein that modifies another we assume also binds it... is this the best way to deal with such information. Should ubiquitin ligase activity be a child of protein binding?! Column 16??!