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GO:0048023positive regulation of melanin biosynthetic processPMID:21949658IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction UniProtKB:P07147 UniProtKB:Q60696 P
This annotation made on page: MOUSE:ASIP
By: Emlarkin03 (group Team Angry Squirrels) on 2011-10-18 19:54:26 CDT.

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Team KremlinOnTheCrum
2011-10-25 21:57:09 CDT

The evidence code should be IMP because the table is only comparing WT to -/- PMEL mutant.

Bmcintosh2011-11-18 13:40:19 CST

We agree with the original annotation - the authors state "No consistent difference in pheomelanin-content was noted among Pmel genotypes; by comparison, homozygosity for the non-agouti allele at the Asip locus caused a drastic reduction in pheomelanin content (Table 2)." Thus, it takes mutations in more than 1 gene to see the altered phenotype.