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GO:0010369chromocenterPMID:21966530IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay C
This annotation made on page: DROME:HP1
By: Mdao3 (group Team That Will Beat You!!!) on 2011-10-04 20:32:25 CDT.

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Team KremlinOnTheCrum
2011-10-30 17:38:37 CDT

The GO term listed is too specific. Chromocenter implies that it is an actual part of the cell where chromosomes form compact structure. HP1a is a histone, but the actual pictures given in Figure 4 use DAPI stain. DAPI stain is only indicative of nuclear material. HP1a's presence in the DAPI stain does not show that it is in the chromocenter, unless this had Evidence Code TAS, which is illegal.

Thus, I propose the most specific GO Term possible would be nucleus GO:0005634

I would also clean up the Notes a bit. "HP1a is not recruited to IRIF and laser induced breaks." tells me nothing about how the annotator thinks that this should show that HP1a is associated with the chromocenter

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Suzialeksander2011-11-15 15:24:03 CST

Figure (and paper itself, although it does make a reference) does not support GO ID GO:0010369.

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