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Zehr, ES, Tabatabai, LB and Bayles, DO (2012) Genomic and proteomic characterization of SuMu, a Mu-like bacteriophage infecting Haemophilus parasuis. BMC Genomics 13:331


Haemophilus parasuis, the causative agent of Glässer's disease, is prevalent in swine herds and clinical signs associated with this disease are meningitis, polyserositis, polyarthritis, and bacterial pneumonia. Six to eight week old pigs in segregated early weaning herds are particularly susceptible to the disease. Insufficient colostral antibody at weaning or the mixing of pigs with heterologous virulent H. parasuis strains from other farm sources in the nursery or grower-finisher stage are considered to be factors for the outbreak of Glässer's disease. Previously, a Mu-like bacteriophage portal gene was detected in a virulent swine isolate of H. parasuis by nested polymerase chain reaction. Mu-like bacteriophages are related phyologenetically to enterobacteriophage Mu and are thought to carry virulence genes or to induce host expression of virulence genes. This study characterizes the Mu-like bacteriophage, named SuMu, isolated from a virulent H. parasuis isolate.


PubMed PMC3447690 Online version:10.1186/1471-2164-13-331


Animals; Bacteriophage mu/genetics; Bacteriophages/genetics; Bacteriophages/metabolism; Databases, Genetic; Genome, Viral; Genomics; Haemophilus parasuis/virology; Mass Spectrometry; Open Reading Frames; Proteome/analysis; Proteomics; Sequence Analysis, DNA; Swine; Viral Proteins/metabolism; Virulence/genetics



Gene product Qualifier GO Term Evidence Code with/from Aspect Extension Notes Status


GO:0098015: virus tail



The bacteriophage protein gp37 forms a component of the tail structure of the Haemophilus phage SuMu and is homologous to the long tail fiber receptor recognizing protein. It allows the specific attachment of the bacteriophage to the bacteria.

CACAO 6929

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