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Rebollar, E, Valadez-Graham, V, Vázquez, M, Reynaud, E and Zurita, M (2006) Role of the p53 homologue from Drosophila melanogaster in the maintenance of histone H3 acetylation and response to UV-light irradiation. FEBS Lett. 580:642-8


It has been demonstrated that the human tumor suppressor p53 has an important role in modulating histone modifications after UV light irradiation. In this work we explored if the p53 Drosophila homologue has a similar role. Taking advantage of the existence of polytene chromosomes in the salivary glands of third instar larvae, we analyzed K9 and K14 H3 acetylation patterns in situ after UV irradiation of wild-type and Dmp53 null flies. As in human cells, after UV damage there is an increase in H3 acetylation in wild-type organisms. In Dmp53 mutant flies, this response is significantly affected at the K9 position. These results are similar to those found in human p53 mutant tumor cells with one interesting difference, only the basal H3 acetylation of K14 is reduced in Dmp53 mutant flies, while the basal H3-K9 acetylation is not affected. This work shows, that the presence of Dmp53 is necessary to maintain normal H3-K14 acetylation levels in Drosophila chromatin and that the function of p53 to maintaining histone modifications, is conserved in Drosophila and humans.


PubMed Online version:10.1016/j.febslet.2005.12.083


Acetylation; Animals; Chromosomes/metabolism; Drosophila Proteins/genetics; Drosophila Proteins/metabolism; Drosophila melanogaster/genetics; Drosophila melanogaster/metabolism; Drosophila melanogaster/radiation effects; Histones/metabolism; Humans; Larva/metabolism; Larva/radiation effects; Tumor Suppressor Protein p53/genetics; Tumor Suppressor Protein p53/metabolism; Ultraviolet Rays



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