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Kunst, L, Klenz, JE, Martinez-Zapater, J and Haughn, GW (1989) AP2 Gene Determines the Identity of Perianth Organs in Flowers of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell 1:1195-1208


We have examined the floral morphology and ontogeny of three mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana, Ap2-5, Ap2-6, and Ap2-7, that exhibit homeotic changes of the perianth organs because of single recessive mutations in the AP2 gene. Homeotic conversions observed are: sepals to carpels in all three mutants, petals to stamens in Ap2-5, and petals to carpels in Ap2-6. Our analysis of these mutants suggests that the AP2 gene is required early in floral development to direct primordia of the first and second whorls to develop as perianth rather than as reproductive organs. In addition, our results support one of the two conflicting hypotheses concerning the structures of the calyx and the gynoecium in the Brassicaceae.


PubMed PMC159855 Online version:10.1105/tpc.1.12.1195




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