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Category:Testing Porpoises

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This group is for testing porpoises only, and for testing purposes, too.

StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
MLVRA:O41250CacaoTestUser1, Testing Porpoises2019-08-02 08:32:50 CDTGO:0003964 RNA-directed DNA polymerase activity (F)PMID:4316300ECO:0007846 radioisotope quantification assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 1 and Table 2/3 demonstrate an R-MLV DNA Polymerase activity dependent on RNA template

RSVP:POLCacaoTestUser1, Testing Porpoises2019-08-02 05:17:10 CDTGO:0001171 reverse transcription (P)PMID:4316300ECO:0005801 enzymatic activity assay evidence used in manual assertion

Table 5 shows that the RSV (Rous Sarcoma Virus) virion has DNA Pol activity


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