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Category:GO:0140416 ! transcription regulator inhibitor activity

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DAG for GO:0140416id: GO:0140416

name: transcription regulator inhibitor activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "A molecular function regulator that inhibits the activity of a transcription regulator via direct binding and/or post-translational modification." [PMID:10652346]
comment: Usage guidance: transcription regulator inhibitors bind to a transcription regulator to prevent it from reaching the chromatin. This activity does not occur at the promoter. For activities that do occur at the promoter, consider GO:0001217 ; DNA-binding transcription repressor activity or GO:0003714 ; transcription corepressor activity. An example of a transcription regulator is TCF23 Q7RTU1 is an example of a protein that regulates transcription factors by heterodimerising or binding to DbTFs and prevent DNA binding and their specific genomic binding site where the dbTF would have activated or repressed transcription. Also an example is NFKBIA P25963 which has a different way of regulating transcription factor activity by sequestering the dbTF (complex) in the cytoplasm. Another example is the HSP90 and HSP23 proteins that sequester steroid receptors away from the DNA.
synonym: "DNA-binding transcription factor inhibitor activity" NARROW []
is_a: GO:0098772 ! molecular function regulator
relationship: negatively_regulates: GO:0140110 ! transcription regulator activity
relationship: part_of: GO:0010468 ! regulation of gene expression
intersection_of: GO:0098772 ! molecular function regulator
intersection_of: negatively_regulates GO:0140110 ! transcription regulator activity

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