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Category:GO:0050662 ! obsolete coenzyme binding

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DAG for GO:0050662
60px-Warning Icon Red.png This GO term has been obsoleted.
Do not annotate to it.

id: GO:0050662
name: obsolete coenzyme binding
namespace: molecular_function
def: "OBSOLETE. Binding to a coenzyme, any of various nonprotein organic cofactors that are required, in addition to an enzyme and a substrate, for an enzymatic reaction to proceed." [ISBN:0198506732]
comment: 1. Making inferences in GO about compounds based on the coenzyme role curated by ChEBI creates relationships that are not always true which violates ontological principles for GO; therefore we will cease making these inferences. 2. It is not meaningful to group binding interactions that are not all chemically related by the fact that they may be used as a coenzyme.
is_obsolete: true

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