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Category:GO:0019172 ! glyoxalase III activity

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DAG for GO:0019172id: GO:0019172

name: glyoxalase III activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "Catalysis of the reaction: methylglyoxal + H2O = D-lactate." [EC:, GOC:mcc, http://www.brenda-enzymes.org/php/result_flat.php4?ecno=, MetaCyc:GLYOXIII-RXN, PMID:21696459, PMID:7848303, RHEA:27757]
comment: Note that this term was reinstated from obsolete. Also note that this enzymatic activity converts methylglyoxal to D-lactate in a single glutathione (GSH)-independent step. The other known route for this conversion is the two-step GSH-dependent pathway catalyzed by EC (lactoylglutathione lyase) and EC (hydroxyacylglutathione hydrolase).
synonym: "(R)-lactate hydro-lyase" EXACT []
synonym: "D-lactate dehydratase" EXACT []
synonym: "glutathione-independent glyoxalase activity" RELATED []
xref: MetaCyc:GLYOXIII-RXN
xref: RHEA:27754
is_a: GO:0016836 ! hydro-lyase activity
relationship: part_of: GO:0019249 ! lactate biosynthetic process
relationship: part_of: GO:0061727 ! methylglyoxal catabolic process to lactate


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