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Species (Taxon ID) Mycobacterium phage Ms6. (65388)
Gene Name(s) hol (ECO:0000313 with EMBL:AAG48320.1)
Protein Name(s) Gp4 (ECO:0000313 with EMBL:AAG48320.1)
External Links
UniProt Q9G047
EMBL AF319619
TCDB 1.E.18.1.2
InterPro IPR020109
Pfam PF16945
ProDom PD057201


Qualifier GO ID GO term name Reference ECO ID ECO term name with/from Aspect Extension Notes Status



regulation of holin activity




"The one-step growth experiment (Fig. 7A) shows that Gp4 and Gp5, although nonessential for lysis, have an effect on the lysis timing since an Ms6 gp4 deletion mutant caused slightly accelerated lysis (80 min), whereas an Ms6 gp5 deletion mutant delayed lysis (170 min), which is consistent with holin function.These lysis times correspond to the latent time represented in Fig. 7A in addition to the initial 50 min of adsorption and were compared to the Ms6 wild-type phage (110 min) under the same experimental conditions. Thus, the absence of gp4 or gp5 in the infecting virion has an evident effect on the timing of lysis."

"These results suggest that mycobacteriophage Ms6 gp4 and gp5 encode holin proteins whose combined action could play the role of a holin and that expression of both proteins is necessary to effect host cell lysis at the correct and programmed timing, as described for other phages such as the A. naeslundii phage Av-1 (3) and the B. subtilis PBSX phage (15)."

"Moreover, interaction of Gp5 with Gp4 may contribute to very precise adjustment of the timing of hole formation and to keeping the infected cell productive, allowing the assembly of more virions."

Quotes taken from paper itself. Particular attention should be given to Figure 7A as it takes

CACAO 11882



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  1. Catalão, MJ et al. (2011) Functional analysis of the holin-like proteins of mycobacteriophage Ms6. J. Bacteriol. 193 2793-803 PubMed GONUTS page