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Phage Hunters Spring 2016

My Annotations

StatusPageDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
updatedbyinstructorBPT5:EXO52016-05-02 21:42:50 CDTGO:1990238 double-stranded DNA endodeoxyribonuclease activity (F)PMID:904023ECO:0000314 direct assay evidence used in manual assertion

Figs. 7,9. D15 endonuclease activity was witnessed as it digested native T5 duplex DNA. The different bands produced in the gel electrophoresis proves that D15 (also referred to as flap endonuclease) has nuclease activity which cleaves the T5 genome.

unacceptableBPT5:TTTP2016-05-02 23:21:22 CDTGO:0098015 virus tail (C)PMID:18348984ECO:0000247 sequence alignment evidence used in manual assertion

Using bioinformatic analysis, p142 was aligned with the gpU tail-terminator protein from bacteriophage lambda. Due to it's similarity, p142 was determined to be a putative tail terminator.

updatedbyinstructorBPT5:EXO52016-05-04 01:40:15 CDTGO:0019086 late viral transcription (P)PMID:4357874ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

The D15 gene product is necessary for the proper turn-on of synthesis of late proteins. Figures 1 and 2 demonstrate that the T5 wild type produced late proteins whereas the amber mutants defective in D15 did not. D15 gene product is believed to be a 5'exonuclease.

updatedbyinstructorBPT5:TUBE2016-05-04 02:41:53 CDTGO:0044659 cytolysis by virus of host cell (P)PMID:6361278ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Fig 2

updatedbyinstructorBPT5:EXO52016-05-04 03:15:07 CDTGO:0019034 viral replication complex (C)PMID:6248541ECO:0000315 mutant phenotype evidence used in manual assertion

Fig. 11 shows the comparison of T5amD15 mutants and T5 wild type strains. This figure predicts that D15 plays a role in replication and transcription and may be an enzyme that modifies the T5 DNA.



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