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Category talk:RefGenome Electronic Jamboree 2009-07 SLC11A1/2

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Protein localization determined using a reporter fusion - When the localization of a membrane protein is determined using a reporter fusion, such as GFP or PhoA, is it appropriate to use an IDA evidence code? Based on a search of www.geneontology.org it appears that dictyBASE and SGD have used IDA for GFP fusions. Is that still the case? what about other groups? (Jim)

- The SLC11A2 has been found to have transporter activities for a range of different cations. The physiological significance of the transport of some of these different ions is questionable. How far would you annotate to terms in the molecular function and biological process ontologies? (Emily)

- When to annotate to homeostasis terms? (Emily)

- lack of terms to describe specific types of ion transport both for BP (import/transmembrane transport) and MF (symporter activity) terms. Resulting in a inconsistent annotation set for different ion transport information. (Susan)

- Annotation to binding terms removed based on binding terms proposed guidelines [1] (BHFL/GOA)

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