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Category:GO:0034292 ! pinholin activity

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DAG for GO:0034292id: GO:0034292

name: pinholin activity
namespace: molecular_function
def: "A compound function consisting of the regulated formation of a pore via oligomerisation of an existing pool of subunits in the plasma membrane. The resulting ion channel activity indirectly allows endolysin (murein hydrolyases) to access their cell wall substrate by collapsing the proton motive force (PMF) across the membrane, allowing the endolysin to fold to an active form and hydrolyze bonds in the peptidoglycan cell wall." [GOC:jh2, GOC:mah, PMID:1406491, PMID:25157079]
is_a: GO:0005216 ! ion channel activity
is_a: GO:0034290 ! holin activity

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Usage Notes

Phage 21 holin is the best characterized pinholin. Unlike canonical holins, pinholins form holes that are not large enough for passage of the phage endolysin/lysozyme. Instead, the pinholins collapse the membrane potential, allowing SAR-endolysins to be released from the periplasmic side of the inner membrane.


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