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Kliebenstein, DJ, Monde, RA and Last, RL (1998) Superoxide dismutase in Arabidopsis: an eclectic enzyme family with disparate regulation and protein localization. Plant Physiol. 118:637-50


A number of environmental stresses can lead to enhanced production of superoxide within plant tissues, and plants are believed to rely on the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) to detoxify this reactive oxygen species. We have identified seven cDNAs and genes for SOD in Arabidopsis. These consist of three CuZnSODs (CSD1, CSD2, and CSD3), three FeSODs (FSD1, FSD2, and FSD3), and one MnSOD (MSD1). The chromosomal location of these seven SOD genes has been established. To study this enzyme family, antibodies were generated against five proteins: CSD1, CSD2, CSD3, FSD1, and MSD1. Using these antisera and nondenaturing-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis enzyme assays, we identified protein and activity for two CuZnSODs and for FeSOD and MnSOD in Arabidopsis rosette tissue. Additionally, subcellular fractionation studies revealed the presence of CSD2 and FeSOD protein within Arabidopsis chloroplasts. The seven SOD mRNAs and the four proteins identified were differentially regulated in response to various light regimes, ozone fumigation, and ultraviolet-B irradiation. To our knowledge, this is the first report of a large-scale analysis of the regulation of multiple SOD proteins in a plant species.


PubMed PMC34840


Amino Acid Sequence; Arabidopsis/enzymology; Arabidopsis/genetics; Arabidopsis/growth & development; Base Sequence; Biological Evolution; Circadian Rhythm; DNA Primers; Genes; Humans; Isoenzymes/genetics; Isoenzymes/metabolism; Light; Molecular Sequence Data; RNA, Messenger/genetics; RNA, Messenger/metabolism; Sequence Homology, Amino Acid; Superoxide Dismutase/genetics; Superoxide Dismutase/metabolism