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Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress)

AT1G74420.1:fucosyltransferase 3
Synonyms:AT1G74420, fucosyltransferase 3, F1M20_10, F1M20.10
AT1G74420.1 on TAIR

GO terms

GO:0008417_!_fucosyltransferase_activity (F) ISS [1]
GO:0008417_!_fucosyltransferase_activity (F) RCA with/from Pfam:PF03254 [2]
GO:0008417_!_fucosyltransferase_activity (F) ISS with/from Pfam:PF03254 [3]
GO:0016020_!_membrane (C) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR004938 [4]
GO:0016757_!_transferase_activity,_transferring_glycosyl_groups (F) ISS [5]
GO:0042546_!_cell_wall_biogenesis (P) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR004938 [4]

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