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Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress)

AT1G17420.1:Lipoxygenase 3
Synonyms:Lipoxygenase 3, AT1G17420, F28G4.10
AT1G17420.1 on TAIR

GO terms

GO:0005506_!_iron_ion_binding (F) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR001246 [1]
GO:0006952_!_defense_response (P) TAS [2]
GO:0009507_!_chloroplast (C) IEA with/from CBS:TargetP [3]
GO:0009611_!_response_to_wounding (P) TAS [2]
GO:0009695_!_jasmonic_acid_biosynthetic_process (P) TAS [4]
GO:0016165_!_lipoxygenase_activity (F) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR001246 [1]
GO:0016702_!_oxidoreductase_activity,_acting_on_single_donors_with_incorporation_of_molecular_oxygen,_incorporation_of_two_atoms_of_oxygen (F) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR013819 [1]
GO:0040007_!_growth (P) TAS [2]
GO:0046872_!_metal_ion_binding (F) IEA with/from INTERPRO:IPR000907 INTERPRO:IPR013819 [1]

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