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GO:0019077lytic viral releasePMID:22742425IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype P
This annotation made on page: BPPHS:E
By: Briddle24 (group Team Helicase) on 2012-10-21 15:34:16 CDT.

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Team Smarter Who?
2012-10-22 09:39:34 CDT

Figure 2A shows cell lysis, but not virion release, so the GO term chosen, "lytic viral release" is not supported by this figure. A better term might be GO:0019835 (cytolysis).

Suzialeksander2016-08-17 16:08:07 CDT

Move Annotation 5438 from BPPHX:E to BPPHS:E

Updated by Instructor
Bmcintosh2012-10-24 12:32:11 CDT

- protein page ok

- I am approving this GO term b/c release of cytoplasmic contents (lysis) goes hand in hand (as stated by the authors) with virus release. Cells wouldn't lyse & not release their viral load.

- IMP ok

- notes ok.