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GO:0006916anti-apoptosisPMID:21696630IMP: Inferred from Mutant Phenotype P
This annotation made on page: RAT:Q9ERV0
By: Hessa (group Team Biology Bandits) on 2011-11-20 17:29:35 CST.

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Team KremlinOnTheCrum
2011-11-21 16:10:04 CST

I believe this annotation should be deleted. This annotation is for "anti-apoptosis" when the paper suggests that the protein it discusses is working on anti apoptosis in a stress response. This would suggest that all that the gene in question is doing is providing an effective response to oxidative stress, and anti-apoptosis is a bit too far of a stretch.

Suzialeksander2011-11-22 20:52:45 CST

No. Paper states: "PKD1 activation functions as an anti-apoptotic protective mechanism against oxidative stress" as main title of section and is repeated throughout. See the figs especially 5c/d.