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GO:0043937regulation of sporulationPMID:15057450IGI: Inferred from Genetic Interaction UniProtKB:P05043 P
This annotation made on page: BACSU:ABRB
By: Helioslaw (group Team Jimmy Johns) on 2011-10-21 11:11:28 CDT.

Team Jimmy Johns5

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Team Jimmy Johns
2011-10-25 20:30:07 CDT

According to the GO term definition the regulation of sporulation does affect the frequency of sporulation.

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Team Denitrifiers
2011-10-24 18:08:00 CDT

Table 2 documents frequency of sporulation; not the regulation of.

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Davidmigl2011-11-01 20:00:28 CDT

The definition of the GO term is "Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of sporulation..." Table 2 indicates that AbrB modulates the frequency of sporulation in _B. subtilis_, therefore the annotation is correct. Additionally, the paper shows that AbrB is involved in a gene regulation network including Spo0A-P that ultimately regulates the timing of sporulation. Thus, the GO term "regulation of sporulation" is entirely appropriate.