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GO:0031514motile ciliumPMID:21536871IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay C
This annotation made on page: CHLAE:HAVR1
By: Oherrera (group Team That Will Beat You!!!) on 2011-10-09 17:56:15 CDT.

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Team That Will Beat You!!!
2011-10-25 20:30:55 CDT

Yes, I know. However, there is no GO term for "human airway cilia." Also, according to the gene ontology, "motile cilium" states the following: 'Motile cilia are typically found in multiple copies on epithelial cells that line the lumenal ducts of various tissues. Motile cilia may also function as sensory organelles." According to the above statement, it is also still valid as a GO term. While I understand that the term I used is broad, it was the only available one.

None, yet.
Team Nitrogen Fixers
2011-10-24 21:51:11 CDT

Page 8428 says that Figures 3A-D show expression of TIM-1 on human airway cilia.

Sgouni2011-11-22 12:08:28 CSTYou need to be an instructor to view these notes.Acceptable