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GO:0003712transcription cofactor activityPMID:21909421IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay F
This annotation made on page: HUMAN:FUS
By: Mdao3 (group Team That Will Beat You!!!) on 2011-10-09 16:37:45 CDT.

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Team Giggles
2011-10-18 20:21:18 CDT

See reasons given in my assessment.

None, yet.
2011-10-18 19:43:09 CDT

Fig 4 shows that increased expression of FUS can affect on activity of AR, but it does not prove if they have direct interaction. GO:0003712 term includes proteins mediate protein-protein interactions between regulatory transcription factors.

Mkline2012-03-27 12:19:16 CDTYou need to be an instructor to view these notes.Acceptable
Davidmigl2011-10-18 20:17:54 CDT

The following is a direct quote from the GO term definition: " [Proteins with 'transcription cofactor activity'] mediate protein-protein interactions between regulatory transcription factors and the basal transcription machinery." Thus, it is expected that some protein interactions would have to be demonstrated for this GO term to apply. The authors did indeed do this with co-IP and mass spec experiments (figure 1). Additionally, figure 3 establishes the ability of FUS to regulate transcription. It is baffling that neither team mentioned either of these figures. The full set of evidence for this particular GO term is figures 1, 3, and 4. 3/5 points awarded to the original team for an incomplete annotation. 2/5 points awarded to the challenging team for identifying a problem, but they should have suggested a better annotation, too.

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