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GO:0043085positive regulation of catalytic activityPMID:21909421IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay P
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By: Mdao3 (group Team That Will Beat You!!!) on 2011-10-09 16:23:01 CDT.

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Team UCL-Maple Leafs
2011-10-16 15:11:38 CDT

In figure 3, another possible GO term can be `transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter` (GO:0006366). Figure 3A, Luciferase activity was measured by using two different constructs of FUS (FUS-N and FUS-C), both fragments displayed activities compared to full length of FUS.

Mkline2012-03-27 12:13:32 CDTYou need to be an instructor to view these notes.Acceptable
Davidmigl2011-10-18 20:29:40 CDT

"Positive regulation of catalytic activity" is a term that applies to regulation of enzymes. The protein in question is transcriptional co-activator, not an enzyme, so Mdao3's annotation is incorrect. 5 points awarded to challenging team for both identifying a problem and suggesting a solution. However, I would add that a better term would be GO:0003713, since FUS is not acting as a transcription factor but a transcriptional co-activator.

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