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Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast)

YOR251C:Mitochondrial protein, required for formation of the 2-thio group of the 5-methoxycarbonylmethyl-2-thiouridine modified base in some tRNAs
YOR251C on SGD

GO terms

GO:0002097_!_tRNA_wobble_base_modification (P) IMP [1]
GO:0004792_!_thiosulfate_sulfurtransferase_activity (F) ISS [2]
GO:0004792_!_thiosulfate_sulfurtransferase_activity (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001307 [3]
GO:0004792_!_thiosulfate_sulfurtransferase_activity (F) IEA with/from EC: [4]
GO:0005737_!_cytoplasm (C) IDA [5]
GO:0005737_!_cytoplasm (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0963 [6]
GO:0005737_!_cytoplasm (C) IEA with/from SP_SL:SL-0086 [7]
GO:0005739_!_mitochondrion (C) IDA [8]
GO:0005739_!_mitochondrion (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0496 [6]
GO:0005739_!_mitochondrion (C) IEA with/from SP_SL:SL-0173 [7]
GO:0008272_!_sulfate_transport (P) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR001307 [3]
GO:0016740_!_transferase_activity (F) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0808 [6]
GO:0018193_!_peptidyl-amino_acid_modification (P) RCA [9]
GO:0043094_!_cellular_metabolic_compound_salvage (P) RCA [9]

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