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Cruciat, CM, Hell, K, Fölsch, H, Neupert, W and Stuart, RA (1999) Bcs1p, an AAA-family member, is a chaperone for the assembly of the cytochrome bc(1) complex. EMBO J. 18:5226-33


Bcs1p, a mitochondrial protein and member of the conserved AAA protein family, is involved in the biogenesis of the cytochrome bc(1) complex. We demonstrate here that Bcs1p is directly required for the assembly of the Rieske FeS and Qcr10p proteins into the cytochrome bc(1) complex. Bcs1p binds to a precomplex in the assembly pathway of the cytochrome bc(1) complex. Binding of Bcs1p to and release from this assembly intermediate is driven by ATP hydrolysis. We propose that Bcs1p acts as an ATP-dependent chaperone, maintaining the precomplex in a competent state for the subsequent assembly of the Rieske FeS and Qcr10p proteins.


PubMed PMC1171593 Online version:10.1093/emboj/18.19.5226


Adenosine Triphosphate/metabolism; Electron Transport Complex III/metabolism; Fungal Proteins/metabolism; Iron-Sulfur Proteins/metabolism; Molecular Chaperones/metabolism; Mutagenesis; Nuclear Proteins; Saccharomyces cerevisiae Proteins



Gene product Qualifier GO ID GO term name Evidence Code with/from Aspect Notes Status

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