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Mus musculus (house mouse)

1110005A23Rik:RIKEN cDNA 1110005A23 gene
1110005A23Rik on MGI

GO terms

GO:0003676_!_nucleic_acid_binding (F) IEA with/from InterPro:IPR003034 [1]
GO:0003677_!_DNA_binding (F) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0238 [2]
GO:0005515_!_protein_binding (F) IPI with/from MGI:MGI:1914130 [3]
GO:0005575_!_cellular_component (C) ND [4]
GO:0005634_!_nucleus (C) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0539 [2]
GO:0006350_!_transcription (P) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0804 [2]
GO:0006355_!_regulation_of_transcription,_DNA-dependent (P) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0805 [2]
GO:0006417_!_regulation_of_translation (P) IEA with/from SP_KW:KW-0810 [2]
GO:0008022_!_protein_C-terminus_binding (F) IPI with/from MGI:MGI:1914130 [3]
GO:0050733_!_RS_domain_binding (F) IPI with/from MGI:MGI:1914130 [3]

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