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StatusPageUserDate/TimeGO Term (Aspect)ReferenceEvidenceNotesLinks
acceptableECOLX:A0A1W5T566SLudwig, Team Red A 20192019-04-10 10:46:34 CDTGO:0034446 substrate adhesion-dependent cell spreading (P)PMID:30845261ECO:0007046 scanning electron microscopy evidence used in manual assertion

Figure 3A is a scanning electron micrograph that shows the response of brain cells to treatment with CNF1 protein, a mutant version of the protein (CNF1 C866S), or a control (TNF-alpha). Cells treated with CNF1 had increased monolayer confluence, as CNF1 promoted cell spreading and flattening. Cells treated with CNF1 C866S or TNF-alpha had an unchanged surface morphology in comparison.

acceptableECOLX:A0A1W5T566VMahaney, Team Red A 20192019-03-29 11:22:18 CDTGO:0020035 cytoadherence to microvasculature, mediated by symbiont protein (P)PMID:30845261ECO:0001143 adhesion assay evidence used in manual assertion

In Figure 1, adhesion assays were used to determine that CNF1 decreased pRBC cytoadherence in both cell line models by at least 40 percent. This is proven by comparing the pre- and post-treatment of the CNF1 protein with the TNF-alpha activated control. In figure 1A, CNF1 is used as pre-treatment to prevent the attachment of pRBC. In figure 1B, CNF1 is used as post-treatment to reverse adherence of pRBCs to endothelial cells.

acceptableECOLX:A0A1W5T566VMahaney, Team Red A 20192019-03-08 18:42:46 CSTGO:2000251 positive regulation of actin cytoskeleton reorganization (P)PMID:30845261ECO:0006062 wide-field fluorescence microscopy evidence used in manual assertion

In Figure 4 they use florescence microscopy to confirm the CNF1 protein in E.coli induces changes in the organization of the actin cytoskeleton in stress fibers and membrane protrusions, which prevents cytoadherence. This is shown through the addition of CNF1 protein and other inhibitors. With the addition of CNF1 compared to the control you can see the rearrangement of the cytoskeleton but, in the presence of inhibitors along with CNF1 the modifications of rearrangement are decreased.


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