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DAG for GO:0070187id: GO:0070187

name: shelterin complex
namespace: cellular_component
def: "A nuclear telomere cap complex that is formed by the association of telomeric ssDNA- and dsDNA-binding proteins with telomeric DNA, and is involved in telomere protection and recruitment of telomerase. The complex is known to contain TERF1, TERF2, POT1, RAP1, TINF2 and ACD in mammalian cells, and Pot1, Tpz1, Rap1, Rif1, Rif2 and Taz1 in Saccharomyces. Taz1 and Rap1 (or their mammalian equivalents) form a dsDNA-binding subcomplex, Pot1 and Tpz1 form an ssDNA-binding subcomplex, and the two subcomplexes are bridged by Poz1, which acts as an effector molecule along with Ccq1." [GOC:expert_mf, GOC:mah, GOC:vw, PMID:18828880]
synonym: "Pot1 complex" EXACT [GOC:vw]
synonym: "Pot1-Tpz1 complex" EXACT [GOC:vw]
synonym: "telosome" EXACT [GOC:mah, GOC:vw]
is_a: GO:0000783 ! nuclear telomere cap complex

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