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Tasteyre, A, Barc, MC, Collignon, A, Boureau, H and Karjalainen, T (2001) Role of FliC and FliD flagellar proteins of Clostridium difficile in adherence and gut colonization. Infect. Immun. 69:7937-40


In vitro and in vivo adhesive properties of flagella and recombinant flagellin FliC and flagellar cap FliD proteins of Clostridium difficile were analyzed. FliC, FliD, and crude flagella adhered in vitro to axenic mouse cecal mucus. Radiolabeled cultured cells bound to a high degree to FliD and weakly to flagella deposited on a membrane. The tissue association in the mouse cecum of a nonflagellated strain was 10-fold lower than that of a flagellated strain belonging to the same serogroup, confirming the role of flagella in adherence.


PubMed PMC98895 Online version:10.1128/IAI.69.12.7937-7940.2001


Animals; Bacterial Adhesion; Bacterial Proteins; Cecum/microbiology; Clostridium Infections/etiology; Clostridium difficile/pathogenicity; Flagella; Flagellin; Intestinal Diseases/etiology; Mice; Mucus/microbiology