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Thompson, J, Koumari, R, Wagner, K, Barnert, S, Schleussner, C, Schrewe, H, Zimmermann, W, Müller, G, Schempp, W and Zaninetta, D (1990) The human pregnancy-specific glycoprotein genes are tightly linked on the long arm of chromosome 19 and are coordinately expressed. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 167:848-59


The pregnancy-specific glycoprotein (PSG) genes encode a group of proteins which are found in large amounts in placenta and maternal serum. In situ hybridization analyses of metaphase chromosomes reveal that all the human pregnancy-specific glycoprotein (PSG) genes are located on the long arm of chromosome 19 (19q13.2-13.3), overlapping the region containing the closely-related carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) gene subgroup. Higher resolution analyses indicate that the PSG genes are closely linked within an 800kb SacII restriction endonuclease fragment. This has been confirmed through restriction endonuclease mapping and DNA sequence analyses of isolated genomic clones, which show that at least some of these genes are located in very close proximity. Further, these studies have helped to identify a new member of the PSG gene subfamily (PSG7). DNA/RNA hybridization analyses, using gene-specific oligonucleotide probes based on published sequences, showed that five from six PSG genes tested are coordinately transcribed in the placenta. Due to the close proximity of these genes and their coordinated expression pattern, common transcriptional regulatory elements may exist.




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