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Schäfer, M, Börsch, D, Hülster, A and Schäfer, U (1993) Expression of a gene duplication encoding conserved sperm tail proteins is translationally regulated in Drosophila melanogaster. Mol. Cell. Biol. 13:1708-18


We have analyzed a locus of Drosophila melanogaster located at 98C on chromosome 3, which contains two tandemly arranged genes, named Mst98Ca and Mst98Cb. They are two additional members of the Mst(3)CGP gene family by three criteria. (i) Both genes are exclusively transcribed in the male germ line. (ii) Both transcripts encode a protein with a high proportion of the repetitive motif Cys-Gly-Pro. (iii) Their expression is translationally controlled; while transcripts can be detected in diploid stages of spermatogenesis, association with polysomes can be shown only in haploid stages of sperm development. The genes differ markedly from the other members of the gene family in structure; they do not contain introns, they are of much larger size, and they have the Cys-Gly-Pro motifs clustered at the carboxy-terminal end of the encoded proteins. An antibody generated against the Mst98Ca protein recognizes both Mst98C proteins in D. melanogaster. In a male-sterile mutation in which spermiogenesis is blocked before individualization of sperm, both of these proteins are no longer synthesized. This finding provides proof of late translation for the Mst98C proteins and thereby independent proof of translational control of expression. Northern (RNA) and Western immunoblot analyses indicate the presence of homologous gene families in many other Drosophila species. The Mst98C proteins share sequence homology with proteins of the outer dense fibers in mammalian spermatozoa and can be localized to the sperm tail by immunofluorescence with an anti-Mst98Ca antibody.


PubMed PMC359483


Amino Acid Sequence; Animals; Antibody Specificity; Base Sequence; Chromosomes; Conserved Sequence; Cross Reactions; Drosophila Proteins; Drosophila melanogaster/genetics; Fluorescent Antibody Technique; Gene Expression Regulation; Male; Molecular Sequence Data; Multigene Family/genetics; Protein Biosynthesis; Proteins/genetics; Proteins/immunology; Proteins/isolation & purification; Sequence Alignment; Sequence Homology, Amino Acid; Sex Differentiation; Sperm Tail/immunology; Sperm Tail/metabolism; Spermatogenesis