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Lin, C, Choi, HS and Cho, HT (2011) Root hair-specific EXPANSIN A7 is required for root hair elongation in Arabidopsis. Mol. Cells 31:393-7


Expansins are non-hydrolytic cell wall-loosening proteins that are involved in the cell wall modifications that underlie many plant developmental processes. Root hair growth requires the accumulation of cell wall materials and dynamic cell wall modification at the tip region. Although several lines of indirect evidence support the idea that expansin-mediated wall modification occurs during root hair growth, the involvement of these proteins remains to be demonstrated in vivo. In this study, we used RNA interference (RNAi) to examine the biological function of Arabidopsis thaliana EXPANSIN A7 (AtEXPA7), which is expressed specifically in the root hair cell. The root hairspecific AtEXPA7 promoter was used to drive RNAi expression, which targeted two independent regions in the AtEXPA7 transcript. Quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR analyses were used to examine AtEXPA7 transcript levels. In four independent RNAi transformant lines, RNAi expression reduced AtEXPA7 transcript levels by 25-58% compared to controls. Accordingly, the root hairs of RNAi transformant lines were 25-48% shorter than control plants and exhibited a broader range of lengths than the controls. Our results provide in vivo evidence that expansins are required for root hair tip growth.


PubMed Online version:10.1007/s10059-011-0046-2


Arabidopsis/physiology; Arabidopsis Proteins/genetics; Arabidopsis Proteins/metabolism; Base Sequence; Cell Surface Extensions/physiology; Cloning, Molecular; Molecular Sequence Data; Plant Epidermis/cytology; Plant Epidermis/metabolism; Plant Epidermis/physiology; Plant Roots/cytology; Plant Roots/metabolism; Plant Roots/physiology; RNA Interference; Transcription, Genetic