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Raisin-Tani, S and Léopold, P (2002) Drosophila crooked-neck protein co-fractionates in a multiprotein complex with splicing factors. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 296:288-92


The Drosophila crooked neck (crn) gene encodes an unusual TPR-containing protein whose function is essential for embryonic development. Homology with other TPR-proteins involved in cell cycle control, initially led to the proposal that Crn might play a critical role in regulation of embryonic cell divisions. Here, we show that Crn does not have a cell cycle function in the embryo. By using specific antibodies we also show that the Crn protein is a nuclear protein which localizes in "speckles" which could correspond to preferential localization of several other splicing factors. Fractionation of nuclear extracts on sucrose gradients revealed Crn in a 900 kDa multiproteic complex together with snRNPs, suggesting that Crn participates in the assembly of the splicing machinery in vivo.




Animals; Cell Cycle/physiology; Cell Fractionation; Cell Nucleus/chemistry; Cell Nucleus/metabolism; Drosophila Proteins/genetics; Drosophila Proteins/metabolism; Drosophila melanogaster/embryology; Drosophila melanogaster/physiology; Macromolecular Substances; Multiprotein Complexes; Nuclear Proteins/metabolism; Protein Structure, Tertiary; RNA Splicing