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Qualifier GO ID GO term name Reference ECO ID ECO term name with/from Aspect Extension Notes Status



viral DNA genome packaging




Fro. 4. Dependence of in vitro a.~.~em!~ly on the concentration of the 4", lO ÷ and 26* activities. (a) Com|)lementation of 10- extracts (O), 26- extracts (11) and 4- extracts (~lk) with protein donor extract. The cap,aid extracts were diluted 25-fold, to a final infected cell cont'entration of about 2 x 10 ° c~lls/ml. Samples were mixed with serial dilutions of the 5- prc)tein donor. The maximum slo|~s determined from these curve,a were: 4+ activity, 5 to 6; 26 + activity. I to 2; 10 + activity, 4 to 5. The background of the undiluted extracts were protein donor 10a; 4- extract < 10s; 10- extracts, 5 x 10~; 26- extract, 2 x l0 a. (b) Variation of the ratio of cap`aid,a to protein; complemcntation of 4- ~'apsids with cap,aid donor cell concentration: (O) 5x lO 9 cell,a/ml; (A) 2 x l0 s cell,a/ml; (m) 4 x i0 v (~lls/ml. The protein donor extract was from the same batch a.s used in (a).

ependenc~ of phage formation in vitro on the concentration of the capsid donor extract. Infected ¢~zl[ extracts containing incomplete capsids were freshly thawed and lysed as described in Materials and Methods. D~uted .samples were mixed with concentrated protein donor extract {5-) and incubated for I h at 23°C, at which time the reactions were stopped by further dilution and titered for viable phage. The background of the protein donor extract was 102 phage/mi. The background of the • at mo.~l, Conc-entrated calmid donor extracts were (0) 3.3× 10 (4- extract), (t) 2:5 × l0 T (10- extract) and (at) 2 x 103 (26-extract).

CACAO 12033