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Qualifier GO ID GO term name Reference ECO ID ECO term name with/from Aspect Extension Notes Status



T=7 icosahedral viral capsid




This is a T7 capsid protein (gp10) that is used in combination with a enhanced yellow fluorescent protein (EYFP). The protein gp10 is with in a T7 phage. When combining this phage with the fluorescent protein, the phage only allows a proportion of the capsid protein to be used. In the paper they described out they made a frameshift that allowed bacterial ribosome to read the reading frame and hit a stop codon after the capsid protein. The frame then shifts to -1 and allows the bacterial ribosomes to continue reading the fluorescent protein. This creates T7 fluorescent phages that allow us to see the interaction between displayed proteins and their binding partners with in the T7 phage. The evidence is in figure 1 of the paper.

CACAO 11657