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Tabuchi, M, Yanatori, I, Kawai, Y and Kishi, F (2010) Retromer-mediated direct sorting is required for proper endosomal recycling of the mammalian iron transporter DMT1. J. Cell. Sci. 123:756-66


Endosomal recycling of the mammalian iron transporter DMT1 is assumed to be important for efficient and rapid uptake of iron across the endosomal membrane in the transferrin cycle. Here, we show that the retromer, a complex that mediates retrograde transport of transmembrane cargoes from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network, is required for endosomal recycling of DMT1-II, an alternative splicing isoform of DMT1. Bacterially expressed Vps26-Vsp29-Vsp35 trimer, a retromer cargo recognition complex, specifically binds to the cytoplasmic tail domain of DMT1-II in vitro. In particular, this binding is dependent on a specific hydrophobic motif of DMT1-II, which is required for its endosomal recycling. DMT1-II colocalizes with the Vps35 subunit of the retromer in TfR-positive endosomes. Depletion of the retromer by siRNA against Vps35 leads to mis-sorting of DMT1-II to LAMP2-positive structures, and expression of siRNA-resistant Vps35 can rescue this effect. These findings demonstrate that the retromer recognizes the recycling signal of DMT1-II and ensures its proper endosomal recycling.


PubMed Online version:10.1242/jcs.060574


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