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Category:GO:0021984 ! adenohypophysis development

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DAG for GO:0021984id: GO:0021984

name: adenohypophysis development
namespace: biological_process
def: "The progression of the adenohypophysis over time from its initial formation until its mature state. The adenohypophysis is the anterior part of the pituitary. It secretes a variety of hormones and its function is regulated by the hypothalamus." [GO_REF:0000021, GOC:cls, GOC:dgh, GOC:dph, GOC:jid, GOC:mtg_15jun06]
comment: This term was added by GO_REF:0000021.
synonym: "adenophysis development" EXACT []
synonym: "anterior pituitary development" EXACT []
synonym: "anterior pituitary gland development" EXACT []
is_a: GO:0048856 ! anatomical structure development
relationship: part_of: GO:0021983 ! pituitary gland development


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